With over 350 batch processing tools from which workflows are created, along with an initiative GUI tool kit, high quality seismic processing can be performed

efficiently and effectively while keeping up with the current demands of

oil and gas exploration.


DIAMONDTM was designed BY seismic processors FOR seismic processors!


Technology Highlights: 


Highly Efficient Seismic Time and Depth Processing

Multiple 5D Interpolation/Regularization Methods

Multi-Dimensional (2D, 3D, 4D, 5D) Noise Attenuation

Proprietary Reservoir Characterization Algorithms 

Attention to Detail

Our goal is quality, not quantity.  Let our experienced 

staff handle your dataset, giving it the attention to detail

that it needs, the resources it requires, and the time it takes to provide the final product you need.

Customized Workflows

With a toolkit that has evolved over many years, let GTSeis provide you with a workflow that meets your needs and requirements, not something off the shelf that might not be best for your project.